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  •  Enterprise standard system revisionConsult service

    According to the provisions of the "People's Republic of China standardization law", "enterprise products have no national standards and industry standards, enterprise standards should be developed as the basis for the production", "the existing national standards or industry standards, the State encourages enterprises to the national standard or industry standard enterprise standard, used in enterprises". At present, China has a large number of export products, is directly equivalent to the use of international standards or higher than domestic standards for production, but has not been revised to become enterprise standards. Our special offers to assist the enterprises in the enterprise standard revision of Consult service, formulated in accordance with relevant provisions of the enterprise standard and the standard records for their own products, in order to avoid the product appear on the market, the huge losses caused by non-standard production 。

  •  Standards, testing and certification Consult service

    For production enterprises, their products should be how to meet the target market requirements, how to meet the requirements of the standard, how to test, can obtain answers and guidance in our professional. In addition to organizing regular seminars, seminars and seminars, we can also carry out one to one consultation and answer services according to the requirements of enterprises.

  •  LaboratoryISO17025Consult service

    ISO17025 is a special assessment for the detection and calibration of Laboratory management and the ability of the international standard, with the increase of market competition, the quality of the products has been hitherto unknown attention, more and more enterprises to build their own Laboratory, and carry out In-House test tasks to deal with a large number of measurements, and show the test results to the buyer. However, since Laboratory has not received ISO17025 approval, its published data are not widely accepted. Guangdong Sino international testing, according to the actual situation of the enterprise itself, the enterprise's own Laboratory capacity assessment, to provide a complete system of Solution, to assist in obtaining ISO17025 qualification.

  •   Factory inspectionConsult service

    According to the product certification requirements that need to be evaluated by the third party through the quality management system of the enterprise and issued a written certificate, it is called Factory inspection. Factory inspection shall inspect the factory's quality assurance capability and product conformity inspection according to the prescribed inspection basis, and cover all the products and factories that have applied for certification. Guangdong China International testing company can provide professional Consult service to manufacturers to assist the factory to pass the corresponding Factory inspection at one time.

  •   IMEI Agency application服务

    IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the international mobile equipment identity for international mobile equipment identification code consists of 15 digits, is the "electronic serial number", which correspond to each mobile phone, and the code is unique in the world. Each cell phone will be given a globally unique set of numbers that will be recorded by the manufacturer when it is manufactured and delivered. To apply for IMEI code, it is necessary to submit a written application to several authorized organizations in the world and submit relevant information. With good cooperation with authorized agencies, Guangdong China International testing provides IMEI related consulting and Agency application services. It should be noted that, IMEI code applies to GSM/TDSCDMA/WCDMA phones, such as Unicom, China Mobile's mobile phone, does not apply to the CDMA system, that is, we commonly known as telecom mobile phones.

  •   MEIDAgency application服务

    Mobile Equipment IDentifier (MEID) is the only 56bit mobile terminal identification number in the world. The identification number will be burned into the terminal and can be modified later. Can be used for mobile device identification and tracking. Since the ESN segment is a limited resource, it basically runs out and may have a small number of recycled segments, so the 56 bit MEID segment has been developed to replace the 32 bit ESN segment. MEID is mainly assigned to CDMA phones. Guangdong Sino international testing can also provide you with MEID application services.

  •   MAC(OUI) Agency application服务

       For wired / wireless network cards and devices using WiFi technology, MAC codes are needed to identify them. MAC (Media, Access, Control, media access control) is what we commonly call the NIC MAC address. The MAC address is burned in the Network Interface Card (NIC, NIC), also known as the hardware address, which identifies the LAN (local area network) node. Guangdong China International testing company can apply for the world's only MAC code to provide advice and proxy services