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The 22 language requirements for India's mobile phones have

   发布人:广东中合国际检测  发布时间:2017-09-16 21:52

  Clang clang, is also a Friday arrival, although babies often called black Friday, but the thought of tomorrow is coming this weekend, the mood is still some inexplicable excitement...

  However, some people can not be as happy as this fairy, and the export of mobile phone manufacturers in India should be anxious and bad thinking. India is a magical country, in June issued a formal requirement of mobile phone must follow IS16333 (Part 3): 2016 standard, and supports 22 languages, mandatory execution date was set for July 1st, seeing this day is tomorrow, oh, what should I do?

  Come on, overwhelming.... small is the legendary fortune son, issued on day Qiazhiyisuan in India wonderful, dad is estimated to spot the delay. Indeed, the India government will enforce this requirement of the date was postponed to October 1st, that is well prepared and 3 months of our certification gods, please refer to the following text:

  Well, the children are not particularly happy, and finally breathed a sigh of relief ah. I hope everyone will be happy and relieved. Well, this weekend, if you have the latest news, Xiao Bian will also be happy to share it with you for the first time.