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  In June 7th, Taiwan NCC released a short brief the announcement, it is a stone Melaleuca waves, waves in a wave. Well, nonsense not say, directly on the dry cargo.

  1., document size: pass through the resource word 10643012090th

  Date of publication: Republic of China 106 years, June 7th

  2. effective date: effective since July 1st, 106 years of the Republic of China

  3. announcement Objective: implementation of a simplified compliance statement for telecommunications control of radio frequency equipment projects

  The following telecommunication control radio frequency equipment shall meet the requirements of section 3.10 of the technical specification for low power RF motors and shall apply for simplified compliance statements in addition to composite products:

  4. applicable product categories

  Bluetooth mouse;

  Bluetooth keyboard;

  Bluetooth headset;

  Bluetooth self timer;

  Bluetooth touch pen;

  The DC power supply for the Bluetooth speaker

  More than 6 kinds of products: concise and comprehensive is acceptable to meet the requirements of the FCC report for the NCC certificate, can also be used to perform simple declaration of conformity.

  It's too neat to understand. Don't worry. All you want to ask is here:

  Q: are these 6 types of products available? What about other Bluetooth products?

  A: No, only over 6 products, and there is no additional complex function.

  Q: what are the requirements for the FCC report that meets the requirements?

  A: a report issued by a laboratory that meets the requirements of FCC. Yes, that's what I said about the big Guangdong international test.

  NCC said: there are about inspection report is to meet the test report by inspection agencies or national testing laboratory he recognized by the country as stipulated in our specification issued by.

  Q: how do you apply for a simple compliance statement?

  A: No, it is still verified and issued by Taiwan RCB.

  Q: you don't want to go through the declaration process. Do you want to go through the authentication in the form as before?

  A: sure. The 2 forms of authentication are valid and feasible.

  Surprise, surprise, and even more exciting! Now FCC+NCC has joined the Guangdong China International test luxury package, welcome to order.

  For more information and certification, welcome to Guangdong China International testing technology ~!