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  Company profile

  Guangdong International Inspection Co. Ltd (CCIL) is headquartered in Guangdong Dongguan Tangxia China management company, according to national laboratory quality standards ISO/IEC 17025 quality standards, and China CNAS, American UL, FCC, British ITS, German TUV and other authorized. Provide one-stop certification services efficient, accurate and high quality is mainly China and worldwide manufacturers and companies, enhance the management level and product quality of customers, for enterprises to develop a broad market space for development, and enhance market competitiveness.

  Main detection range:

  Home appliance products (AV/, DV), IT, communications, laser, lighting, industrial appliances (tools / instruments) and a variety of electronic gifts and other products. And according to customer requirements, in accordance with relevant standards for customer products certification requirements related testing.

  Major coordinate unit:

  CCIL and many well-known domestic and international certification bodies, such as Germany, Rhine, the United States UL and FDA to establish good relations of cooperation, at the same time with the domestic, such as Shenzhen City Electronic Testing Center, Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and quality inspection and other household appliances, Guangzhou National Laboratory has a good, long time cooperation. Can be directly carried out CE, FCC, UL, ETL and other testing, to assist customers to apply for a multinational export certification.

  CCIL is a senior engineer and test engineer who has been engaged in international product certification for many years, and has many years of experience in certification, witnessing, testing and rectification of TUV, UL, CSA and so on. Can help manufacturers to obtain the authority of the product certification, so that your products can successfully enter the market of all countries, sell well all over the world

  "Professional, service, quality" is my company's business philosophy; comprehensive one-stop service is our industry advantage!

  Professional - we have experienced professionals who can provide you with accurate and efficient professional services, so that your product certification process encountered a variety of problems can be satisfactorily resolved. Professional, efficient work style and good service for customers, so that you can grasp more market opportunities.

  Service for customers in product development, meet all aspects of sales problems, we will promptly provide advisory services, especially the authentication problems encountered, we will put forward rectification plan, so that customers can go through certification. We'll do our best to meet any demand from our customers!

  Quality: fast and efficient completion of the certification work at the same time, but also a long-term customer, you and your customers reasonable risk aversion, we issued a report that you export Houguwuyou, the real worry, save money!

  EMC labs:

  Major equipment purchased from: Rohde, Schwarz, Agilent, Schwarzbeck, Haefely, Keytek, Anritsu, Yokogawa and other world's top manufacturers of equipment. It is installed, debugged and calibrated by experts to meet the requirements of automation and intelligence. CCIL has many experienced professionals and combines the best equipment and testing environment to provide you with accurate and efficient testing and certification services, so that your products can be sold all over the world through all levels.

  The main configuration is:

  1 、 conduction harassment / disturbance power test electromagnetic shielding room

  2. Space radiation test 966 anechoic chamber

  3 、 harmonic \ voltage fluctuation and scintillation testing laboratory

  4, ESD, EFT / immunity, lightning surge immunity, conduction immunity, radiation immunity, power frequency magnetic field immunity, voltage sag, sag and interruption immunity test laboratory.


  In particular, the new 3 meter anechoic chamber (966) built by the United States of America (ETS), established entirely in accordance with international standards, can avoid the drawbacks of near field effects. The test results are accurate and can meet the needs of individual enterprises.

  Safety laboratory:

  No matter from hardware equipment, or from personnel quality, work experience, management level and so on, CCIL security laboratory has a strong comprehensive strength. Over the years, in addition to the completion of a large number of product safety type tests, but also has done a lot of CCC, CE, TUV, UL and other certification testing work, has been a lot of customers and superior departments concerned wide acclaim. The safety laboratory is well equipped and complete, and the vast majority of the instruments and equipment are imported from developed countries such as the United States and japan.

  The scope of  CCIL certification is as follows:

  North American market: UL, CUL, ETL, CETL, FCC, FDA, CSA, IC and other certification

  European market: GS, TUV, CE (LVD, EMC, R&TTE), CB, E/e-Mark and other certification

  Asian market: PSE, mark, VCCI, KC, mark, PSB, BSMI and other certification

  Chinese market: CCC, CQC, SRRC, network access and other certification

  Australian market: RCM, Mark & C-tick, SAA and other certification

  Energy saving certification: ERP, CEC, MEPS and other energy efficiency certification

  Chemical tests: ROHS detection, PAHS detection, phthalate two formic acid detection, toy EN71 testing, American toy ASTM, F963 testing, etc.

  Range of products can be detected

  By information technology equipment and office equipment: server, PC, computer, personal computer (including desktop and notebook computer), CRT display, LCD display, PDP display, projection display, copiers, printers, scanners, plotters, projectors, modems, fax machines, group telephone, automatic teller machines, cash (POS) machine, game machine, machine learning, cash register, electronic meter, IC card reader, currency-counting machine, computer application card, TV, switching power supply, UPS power supply, power adapter and other information technology equipment.

  * audio-visual equipment: color TV, black-and-white TV, LCD TV, PDP TV, projection TV, digital TV receiver, set-top box, video modulator, frequency converter, audio and video modems, satellite television receivers, video recorders, videoplayers, radios, tape recorders, MP3, VCD, SVCD, DVD, CATV system, combination of audio, home theater, acoustics system, electronic entertainment equipment, audio power amplifier, electronic keyboard, TV antenna amplifier and other audio and video equipment.

  B: communications network equipment, telecommunications equipment, XDSL equipment, router interface converter, network integration, IP network equipment, monitoring equipment, exchange and transmission equipment; fixed telephone terminal, the ordinary telephone, caller ID telephone, hands-free telephone, card management telephone, telephone recording, smart card telephone, digital telephone, telephone, coin IC card public telephone switchboard; telecommunication modem, modem, audio, modem baseband modem, ADSL modem, terminal adapter (card), fax store and forward / language card; other telecommunication terminal, ISDN terminal, network terminal equipment, data terminal, POS terminal, optical transceiver, optical fiber transceiver products; multimedia terminal, video telephone terminal, video conference terminal, information on demand terminal.

  * household appliances: refrigerators, electric irons, food crusher, electric kettle, electric frying pan, electronic disinfection cabinet, microwave ovens, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, electric toys, automatic electric cooker, electric shavers, hair clippers, hair dryer, toasters, massage appliances, fitness equipment, battery charger, household electric cooker, electric stove, washing machine, induction cooker, electric food processing equipment, small power motor and other electronic and electrical products.

  * lighting: Lighting: light regulator, converter, stage and other entertainment venues with electronic dimming equipment, tubular fluorescent lamps with electronic ballast, fluorescent tubes, ballast, ballast for discharge lamp, fixed lamps, portable lamps, recessed luminaires.

  By car: car DVD, automotive electronic mobile phone charger, car inverter, GPS (satellite navigation / locator), car HID, car wiper, ballast car amplifier, car FM, car MP3, car reversing radar, antenna and other auto electronic products.